Elizabeth serves local, organic, sustainable, and hand-harvested goods. The menu changes seasonally and is influenced by the icons of the logo - Elizabeth's totem: the barn owl for farm-to-table, the deer for the woodlands, and the diamond for the elegant.

For a sample menu please email us at

Prices for menus vary dependent upon the day of week, and mid-week will be less expensive than weekends. The menu prices range from $65-$175, not including wine pairings. Wine pairings are separate from the menu price and may be purchased online with your ticket or on the night of dining. The price of the wine pairing varies with each seasonal menu. Regardless of price, the menu length, value of product, and effort put forth remain consistent. Elizabeth Restaurant eloquently executes its mission by promoting impeccable standards in quality. Please remember tickets sales are final and non-refundable.