Early Spring 2018: Wes Anderson Inspirations 


Sam and Suzy Forage: Roe and Berry Tart


Bunce's Doughnut: Maitake Pate, Brioche, Blueberry Gastric


Zubrowka Soup: Borscht, Cultured Cream


Jaguar Shark: Cuttlefish, Jasmine, Smoked Almond Milk


Bean's Apple: Foie Gras, Pain Au Lait


The Darjeeling Special: Lamb, Chicken, Fish,  Moleberry Curry, Naan 


In Honor of M. Gustave: Pat au Choux, Rose Cream


111 Archer Ave: Malt Crepe, Strawberry, Many Layers


Spot's Treat: Marrow Bone, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Ice Cream




*Please note menu may changed based on availability.  Our menus frequently change with the seasons.


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