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 Elizabeth is located at 4835 N. Western, Unit D, Chicago, IL 60625





Iliana Regan is a self-taught chef who began washing dishes at age 15 and hasn’t left the restaurant industry since. Her cuisine highlights her Midwestern roots as a small farmer’s daughter and emphasizes the pure flavor of the ingredients from her upbringing. It was tradition in her family to farm, forage, and homestead. Her dishes highlight these practices, sometimes sung and sometimes whispered within her seasonally focused menus. She orchestrates tasting menus meant to please the senses and extract the essence of terroir, telling the story of her Midwestern heritage.


Elizabeth Restaurant’s cuisine is inspired by the natural world - we call it New Gatherer.

Our menus are largely fruit and vegetable focused with respect to the seasons.  While our menus do feature proteins from our local farmers we are not a steak and potato kind of place.  We dedicate long hours to construting thoughtful menus.  We want our guests to share in this collaborative spirit with an open mind and palate.  While we do love luxury ingredients, this is not our focus.  Our mission is to take lost or forgotten foods and methods of preservation and apply them to our season's bounty-extracting new flavors, ideas, and presentations.  We try to be as sustainable and/or organic as possible.  Thank you.  We look forward to having you.

To book a table visit our booking site or call us at 773-681-0651


We look forward to having you join us.



Burn the place: a memoir

Pre-order a copy of Burn the Place. All copies purchased through this link will be signed! A memoir of Chef Regan’s life! Mushrooms, magic, fun, debauchery, food, love, jail, disasters, and triumphs.

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Burn the Place: A Memoir
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Elizabeth Restaurant is located at 

4835 N Western Ave Unit D

Chicago IL 60625



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